Would You Benefit From A Fall Prevention Program?

Have you ever experienced unsteadiness while walking, feeling as if you might trip? Have you had to catch yourself with nearby support, like a railing or furniture, to prevent a fall? Are you concerned about the potential for injury due to a fall? If any of these situations resonate with you, consider a fall prevention program.

Regrettably, many individuals only think about balance maintenance after experiencing a fall. The good news is that most falls can be prevented by regular balance exercises.

If the fear of falling troubles you, reach out to GS Hand today to explore our fall prevention techniques. Our innovative care strategies will provide you with swift relief and help you regain your confidence in mobility.

What Will a Fall Prevention Program at GS Hand Look Like?

At GS Hand, your initial assessment will include various evaluations such as vision tests, resting and active heart rate checks, gait analysis, balance assessments, range of motion evaluations, and strength testing. Our skilled physical therapists will use the results of these assessments to create a personalized fall prevention program tailored to your specific needs.

Your program may include exercises and activities designed to improve balance, enhance strength, and address any specific areas of concern, all with the goal of reducing your risk of falls and enhancing your overall mobility and well-being.

Maintain Good Balance with a GS Hand Fall Prevention Program!

Our primary goal at GS Hand is to assist you in avoiding falls and regaining confidence in your balance. If you’re ready to improve your balance and reduce your chances of sustaining a fall-related injury, contact our physical therapy clinic to schedule an appointment and get started right away!