Combat Chronic Pain with Manual Therapy at GS Hand!

Are you experiencing discomfort following an injury, illness, or surgery? If so, manual therapy could be an excellent solution for your concerns! If you’re facing challenges in your recovery journey, consider manual therapy. This treatment technique can effectively alleviate pain and enhance your range of motion. Schedule an appointment with Garden State Hand Therapy today to discover more about how it can benefit you.

Is Manual Therapy in nj Painful?

Manual therapy is not painful; it is, in fact, extremely effective at relieving pain. It’s a hands-on, safe technique employed by physical therapists at Garden State Hand Therapy to address issues like stiff joints and soft tissue. In essence, it is a therapeutic method designed to assist with edema treatment, alleviating restrictions, joint mobilization, and enhancing mobility.

First-time patients undergoing physical therapy often anticipate that the treatment might be uncomfortable or painful. However, these assumptions are entirely untrue. Manual therapy is a painless and non-invasive approach that works without the need for potentially harmful medications.

Our Edison and East Windsor, NJ physical therapists at Garden State Hand Therapy are knowledgeable healthcare professionals who possess a deep understanding of how the human body functions. You can expect hope and relief from discomfort after visiting our clinic, and many patients experience positive results after just one session.

Contact GS Hand to Unlock the Benefits of Manual Therapy!

Is your limited range of motion causing you agitation? Are you finding it challenging to engage in your favorite activities? Don’t hesitate – make an appointment with our physical therapy clinic today. The only thing you have to lose is your current pain and lack of mobility.

Physical therapy at GS Hand can help you regain a happy and fulfilling life. Our compassionate physical therapists are ready to meet with you and help you get back on your feet to do what you love. Schedule an appointment with GS Hand today to access the pain relief you deserve!