Orthotic Services

  • Assessment and fabrication of various static, static progressive, single, and dual-purpose dynamic splints, each designed for specific needs, with detailed patient education.​
  • Supply of therapeutic materials such as edema control products (compression), scar management items (silicon products), hand exercisers, and wound-care supplies as needed.
  • Orthotic adjustments, including re-molding, re-padding, cleaning, and modifications for comfort and effectiveness.
  • Home program review with a focus on proper orthotic use and protocols

Therapeutic Modalities

  • Utilization of heat modalities like paraffin wax, hot packs, ultrasound, friction massage for improved circulation, flexibility, and pain management.
  • Retro massage techniques for edema control, scar management, and adhesion reduction.
  • Therapeutic exercises for gradual stretching of tight structures and joints while safeguarding repairs.
  • Tailored functional and kinetic activities to help patients regain hand functionality.
  • Incorporation of daily activities to enhance functional assessment scores.

Additional Modalities

  • Application of cold modalities including cold packs and Cryo-massage for pain management.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TEN’s) for pain relief and muscle contraction enhancement, if necessary.

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